zondag 1 februari 2015

The Black Rider

I had three years of 'Material development'. I can't really translate it haha, but you have to make your own materials which work well in theater.
This time the assignment was linked to the costume project at that time: 'The Black Rider'. A musical originaly directed by Robert Wilson and with the music of Tom Waits. It's about a man who made a deal with the devil. In my material I showed what happens if you are touched by him.

First we had to make some tests before the final project, below. are three of them. I used all kinds of material, that's also important at this course haha. I used my gluegun, yarn, wax and all kinds of fabric.

After that the final piece, used my mom as model <3 After all I used a old jacket of hers. Added lights for some extra effect!

Black Rider by Alana van den BergBlack Rider by Alana van den Berg2

Black Rider by Alana van den Berg3

Have a good Sunday, I hope this wasn't to disturbing for you!

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