donderdag 27 oktober 2011

The mystery of Irma Vep

Yesterday we had the assesment of our project which we worked on the last 2 months. I didn't sleep the night before yesterdag, but I finished everyting in time :D I made a stagemodel and costumes for most of the characters.

Impression made in photoshop
My concept was that my stage was actually a gamestage. My teacher gave me this idea after I made my testmodel. Everything was like too realistic, so it looked like a game. And I really liked that idea :D so I worked that out.

To make it look like a game everything had to be flat and the 3d effect must be made with shadows. I used photo's of a wall, doors, pantings and masks and edited these in photoshop. I added more shades and higlights and stuff. Only the wallpaper is fully made by me, it has wolf heads but then baroque like. The wolf plays a part in the story.

Test- and final model

Around the stage there where bars where several things could be shown to add some game elements. Like healthbars or text like 'one up', '+100exp'. For the beginning of the play and before the stagechange I made oldschool game beginscreens.

We had to make 2 stages. One of the the mansion 'Mandacrest', this is the main stage. But there is also a scene in the play which takes place in Egypt. One person must believe it is really a Egyptian tomb, but actually it is an old restaurant changed into 'the tomb of Pev Amri'. You can search for the play on the internet if your curious haha. But oke, in the picture the sarcophagus is missing, didn't finish that one. It's still a white clayblob.


To make the costumes game-like I wanted to make them also flat. All the details like folds and backstitches have to be painted on the fabric. To be able to show this I painted them as detailed as possible.
The faces I used are printed. I edited them in photoshop to make them more ugly :D All the characters are played by two male actors.


Here some more pictures of the stage with different light:

donderdag 15 september 2011


Almost 4 weeks ago I moved to Maastricht. I'm now studying Theatre and Costume Design at the Theatre Academy. We allready had 3 weeks school and it sure was fun. My class is nice and I really like the lessons.

The first project is about the play 'the mystery of Irma Vep'. It's a melodrama and it belongs to trash.
We have to make a stage and a costume which fit with the play in your own view. In about 2 weeks from now our test model of the stage must be done.

I will upload some photo's soon :)

dinsdag 21 juni 2011


I started yesterday with my second doodle portrait. I have to make, in total, five portraits for the Young Art Festival 2011 where I was invited to join the art-exhibition. That's ofcourse just awesome :D They found me at the Kunstbende finals.

Because of the lack of time, I just traced the face on the paper with my computer screen. But I don't like doing that, so probably I won't do that anymore with the next portrait.
So, I'm going to update this post when I finished one. I've got only two weeks! So wish me luck.

~update 22/06/11~
Finished the first portrait of my sister! Made a new photo of Vera today :D I start with that one tomorrow...

~update 01/07/11~  
Finished two more portraits this week. First I made Chib, because I didnt know how to begin with Vera's hair haha. But,  I found out that Chib's hair wasn't that easy as well.

Still, I'm glad how they both came out. Making the last one for now :D

~update 4/07/11~
Finished the last one today :D now I only have to put them in frames and they are ready to go :D
I worked exactly 2 weeks on these portraits, so I made it!!


zaterdag 18 juni 2011


For my graduation project I picked the assignment 'Ophelia'. Using a poem about Ophelia we had to make something visual. And it was important that you could 'see' the poem in your work.

Final work


'Kunstbende' is an annual competitions in the Netherlands. There are few catagories as dance, performance, singing and expo. I joined the category expo with a self portrait.
The preliminary round was on the 12th of February this year in Rotterdam. The theme this year was 'Illusion'.

My selfportrait is filled with a bunch of doodles, little random creatures. Together they form my face. So, if you stand a few meters away from the drawing you can clearly see my face. But if you come closer, you will find out that the drawing is a bit more complicated.
That is the illusion: if you see me for the first time, you can only see my face, you don't know anything about me. But if you get to know me better (walking closer to the portrait), you will find out my true me: a kind of chaotic person.

My face is just an illusion.

At first sight
I won the first price that day, and that meant I was going to the finals in Amsterdam with my face in April. I had to present my work on a stage in front of the audience and of course the jury. My portrait was projected on a big screen. Buuut, not really pretty unfortunately...

 Didn't win a price, but it is hanging together with the other winning entries at 'Kunstfactor', in Utrecht :D For one month.

Speedup painting

At our Highschool there is an annual show called 'Talent Time'. My friend Vera Williams and I made a speedup painting to participate in this talent show. One for the audition, and another one for the actual show.

Watch both of them below.


My first post on my artblog! I will introduce myself by posting some collages of drawings and other things I already made through the years.

For more of my earlier work, please visit my deviantart.

Pencil drawings

Costumized shoes