dinsdag 21 juni 2011


I started yesterday with my second doodle portrait. I have to make, in total, five portraits for the Young Art Festival 2011 where I was invited to join the art-exhibition. That's ofcourse just awesome :D They found me at the Kunstbende finals.

Because of the lack of time, I just traced the face on the paper with my computer screen. But I don't like doing that, so probably I won't do that anymore with the next portrait.
So, I'm going to update this post when I finished one. I've got only two weeks! So wish me luck.

~update 22/06/11~
Finished the first portrait of my sister! Made a new photo of Vera today :D I start with that one tomorrow...

~update 01/07/11~  
Finished two more portraits this week. First I made Chib, because I didnt know how to begin with Vera's hair haha. But,  I found out that Chib's hair wasn't that easy as well.

Still, I'm glad how they both came out. Making the last one for now :D

~update 4/07/11~
Finished the last one today :D now I only have to put them in frames and they are ready to go :D
I worked exactly 2 weeks on these portraits, so I made it!!


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  1. Loved your portraits so much I plan to include you and your work in my IB art investigation