zaterdag 18 juni 2011


'Kunstbende' is an annual competitions in the Netherlands. There are few catagories as dance, performance, singing and expo. I joined the category expo with a self portrait.
The preliminary round was on the 12th of February this year in Rotterdam. The theme this year was 'Illusion'.

My selfportrait is filled with a bunch of doodles, little random creatures. Together they form my face. So, if you stand a few meters away from the drawing you can clearly see my face. But if you come closer, you will find out that the drawing is a bit more complicated.
That is the illusion: if you see me for the first time, you can only see my face, you don't know anything about me. But if you get to know me better (walking closer to the portrait), you will find out my true me: a kind of chaotic person.

My face is just an illusion.

At first sight
I won the first price that day, and that meant I was going to the finals in Amsterdam with my face in April. I had to present my work on a stage in front of the audience and of course the jury. My portrait was projected on a big screen. Buuut, not really pretty unfortunately...

 Didn't win a price, but it is hanging together with the other winning entries at 'Kunstfactor', in Utrecht :D For one month.

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